The Blue Bird Micro Bird is an American school bus introduced in 1975 by the Blue Bird Corporation. It is a small Type A (cutaway van), with passenger capacity ranging from 10 to 30 passengers.[1] The Micro Bird was originally designed as a school bus, but it is also sold as a MFSAB (Multi-Function School Activity Buses). MFSABs are alternatives to 15-passenger vans that along with school systems that have come into use by child care centers and other organizations due to changing safety regulations.

Blue Bird Micro Bird/Micro Bird by Girardin
Micro Bird


Blue Bird


1975-2010 (As Blue Bird Micro bird) 2010-Present (As Micro bird by Girardin)

Chasis Manufacturer





School Bus

Body Style

Cutaway Van

  • Single rear wheel
  • Dually rear wheel


Blue Bird MB-II/MB-IV

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