Gillig Corporation, formerly Gillig Bros., is a manufacturer of heavy-duty low-floor transit buses located in Hayward, California. Prior to 1993, Gillig had also been a manufacturer of school buses.

Gillig Logo


The Gillig Coporation only manufacturers buses

Model Name Type Production Number Built Image
Gillig Transit Coach School Bus 1940-1982 ?

Transit Coach

Gillig Neoplan Transit Bus 1977-1979 ?
Gillig Spirit Transit Bus mid-late 1980's ?
Gillig Phantom (School Bus)/Gillig Phantom

School Bus/Transit



1986-1992 (For School Bus)


Gillig Phantom School bus


Gillig Low Floor Transit Bus 1996-present ? Gillig Low Floor
Gillig BRT Transit Bus 2004-present ? Gillig BRT
Gillig Trolley Replica



? ? Gillig Trolley Replica

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